Children’s Books

camillacharlieCamilla Läckberg had the idea for Super-Charlie while she was expecting her third child. When the older siblings asked what was inside Mummy’s tummy, the storyteller within Camilla came to life and the character Super-Charlie began to take shape.

Super-Charlie is no ordinary baby. Two stars collided at the moment when he was born, and a little bit of magic stardust drifted down onto the newborn Charlie, giving him superpowers.

Nytt omslag feb11Super-Charlie: In the first book about Charlie we learn how he acquired his superpowers, and we get to know his family. Charlie practises his first superskill – he discovers that he can fly. When his older brother gets into problems, he realises it’s time for Super-Charlie to step in.

Super-Charlie-226x300[1]Super-Charlie and the Cuddly Toy Thief: In the middle of the night the family is woken by Charlie’s big sister, sobbing her heart out. Her much-loved cuddly toy has disappeared. Super-Charlie decides to catch the thief, but this turns out to be much trickier than he first thought. It’s a good job he’s not like other children!

OmslagMormorsmysteriet-229x300[1]Super-Charlie and the Grandma Mystery: Super-Charlie and his whole family are off on holiday. But it turns out to be anything but a restful break, because when they arrive, Grandma is kidnapped! Super-Charlie has to use new tactics in order to solve this particular mystery…

SC-monsterbaciller_LR_omslag1-229x300Super-Charlie and monsters bacilli: is the latest book in the series about the brave super hero. This time attacking monsters germs family and he may use both the list and their super powers to secure home. Super-Charlie’s family is once again in danger when swarms of germs invading their home. Does it have anything to do with the new girl who moved in next door? Super-Charlie takes the help of both the grandmother and grandfather in the fight against monsters bacilli.

The books about Super-Charlie are illustrated by Millis Sarri and published by Tukan förlag in Sweden. Super-Charlie and the Cuddly Toy Thief is also available as an audio-book, read by Nassim Al Fakir. The books are available in all good bookshops.

Super-Charlie and the lion hunting: When the big brother is going to pick up his football in the garage, he makes a horrendous discovery. There lurks a danger that threatens the whole family! Furious wild animals is not a children’s game. This requires a brave heart and strong pinches. And not least a smart little brother …

Super-Charlie and the missing Santa Claus: Super Charlie is not interested in celebrating Christmas, he thinks the family celebration with wish lists, light candles and Christmas food is silly and he does not believe in Santa Claus. So, when Santa Claus himself, crashes into the the Christmas tree in the garden, Super-Charlie is facing his biggest challenge so far …