Cookery Books

Camilla Läckberg describes herself as a passionate amateur cook. By chance she met up with Christian Hellberg, who had been in the year above her at school in Fjällbacka. He was now one of Sweden’s most successful chefs, and just like Camilla he had been named Fjällbacka’s Resident of the Year. After chatting about old times, Camilla came up with the idea of producing a cookery book together. The combination of a celebrity chef and the Queen of Crime has resulted in two recipe books. The duo have also appeared separately in two of TV4’s most popular programmes: Camilla competed successfully in Let’s Dance, and Christian faced his rivals in Chef’s Duel. Christian was named Chef of the Year in 2001, and now runs Griffins’ Steakhouse in Stockholm.

smaker_fran_fjallbacka_omslag2[1]Flavours From Fjällbacka: This cookery book is a homage to the food of Camilla’s and Christian’s home town. Many dishes feature fish and seafood, of course, but there are also tips on how to make simple picnic food and delicious desserts. The book is divided into seven chapters, each with an introduction by Camilla, followed by Christian’s recipes. “Flavours From Fjällbacka” is every bit as captivating as the Bohuslän landscape.

fest_mat_omslag3[1]Celebrations, Food and Love: Both Christian and Camilla enjoy cooking and inviting their friends round. This cookery book includes luxury food for a wedding, but also top tips for a successful brunch or dinner with girlfriends. And of course the two friends visit Fjällbacka, where they throw a wonderful party featuring fish and seafood.

Camilla’s cookery books are published by Bonnier Fakta.