About Camilla

Camilla Läckberg is Sweden’s best-selling authors. In total, her books have been sold in 20 million copies. She has published ten crime novels, four detective novels, two cookbooks and six children’s books.

Detective series set in Camilla Läckberg’s hometown Fjällbacka are published in over 50 countries. Isprinsessan debut came out in 2003 and it has sold well over 4 million copies. After Sweden, Denmark is the country where Camilla Läckberg sells best. So far, the Danish readers bought nearly 1.7 million books.

Even in Southern Europe is Camilla Läckberg a very popular writer. France, which has almost 1.4 million books sold the third largest market. In Spain, approaching the sales figures a million and has passed the Norwegian market.

Camilla Läckberg’s books and characters have so far been six television films and this summer will be the first biofilm The Hidden Child based on the book of the same name. More TV episodes are in production.

Alongside the bookwriting is Camilla Läckberg partner in the jewelry company Sahara Silver. She also has a foot in the music industry where she writes lyrics to music composed and produced by Pelle Nylen. Cooperation takes place in the joint company One Spoon Music.

Camilla Läckberg grew up in Fjällbacka and qualified as a Master of Business Administration at the School of Economics in Gothenburg. She has worked as a product manager at both Telia and Fortum before after a writing decided to become a writer.

Fact: Camilla Läckberg
Age: 42
Lives: House in Enskede and holiday homes in Norrtälje
Family: Married to Simon. Childrens are Polly, Wille, Meja and Charlie
Interests: Dancing, clothing, cooking and TV series