Invest in her

Camilla Läckberg and Christina Saliba starts an investment company for increased gender equality in business industry.

The entrepreneur’s duo Camilla Läckberg and Christina Saliba are the founders of Invest in Her AB, an investment company with the task to increase the pace with which the business industry is equally balanced.

Invest in Her AB will have two main focuses: to strengthen the development of products and services aimed at strengthening women, as well as promoting female entrepreneurship and ownership.

”Today, both Christina and I have the opportunity where we can influence society. But it has required hard work to get us here, and doors have been closed only because we are women. We have been able to change our own conditions, and now we see that we can do it for other women on a larger scale than before. Ultimately, we want our daughters and our sons to have the same conditions and opportunities, regardless of gender, “says Camilla Läckberg.

Invest in Here will invest in products and services that solve women’s needs and challenges, regardless of whether they are owned by men or women. The company will also invest in companies based on women or with female majority ownership, regardless of whether their offer is aimed at women.

”The entrepreneur spirit in Sweden is strong, but it’s incredibly frustrating to see how much female ability is not taken care of by business. Obviously, this is a personal conviction for me and Camilla, but also an opposed business logic: we aim at unused talent and unexplored business opportunities. All of my entrepreneurial experience tells me that the change has to take place from the top for real change to happen. Therefore, our focus on female ownership is obvious, “says Christina Saliba.

Invest in Here makes its first investment in the mobile game iGotcha, run by the entrepreneur Susanne Birgersdotter.

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