So far, we have devoted ourselves to things that are of themselves the creative process to do, things that you could take out of your own imagination. But to write a mystery novel, you probably will also do research. I tend to see it as an opportunity to learn new things. Ports are not everything in the books, maybe you can win big in Jeopardy sometime …
Remember that everything you write in your book need not be true. The most important thing is that it is credible. The trick is to be able enough about it to write to describe something very believable. Primarily use all the knowledge you possess. You will discover that you can pretty much in different areas. But when knowledge is tight, you need the do research.

How to do research depends on what you need to know. You will probably have quite a long way through Internet searches and by reading books. But you may also need to interview someone or visit any location or perhaps studying humans in certain occupations or situations.

Choose one of the scenes and make the necessary The research to get the reader to think that you know how it is. Do not forget to keep the excitement alive, you do not need to show off that you can every detail of what you write. It will in other words be a text that fits into a detective story, not a clinical event description.

You choose how you want to do The research.

1. The coroner has received a female differently for autopsy. No one knows how the woman has been murdered and it is the doctor’s task to find out. Write a text on at least two sides.

2. A jew family in the midst of the celebration of Hanukkah, when one of the family members found murdered. Write a text on at least two pages describing the events in the light of the celebration.

Book recommendations
Brian Lane: The Encyclopedia of Forensic Science