Lesson 7 -Principle character

Now you know, hopefully that you can and want to write their own novel. Happily, we have only the most enjoyable the task remains – to create a protagonist! Get mystery writer has chosen not to have a central protagonist. The protagonist sets the tone for the book, and if you intended to write a series, it is important that you know of and can relate to him or her.
Consider whether you want an amateur or a police officer. The advantage of a police officer is that he or she naturally come near the criminal investigation, but with an amateur it is easier to find a fresh slant of the detective genre. Examples of authors who have chosen amateurs as protagonists:

Ingrid Kampås – Nurse
Liza Marklund – Journalist
Agatha Christie – Knitting old aunt

You can also choose a person who is not the police but still come into contact with criminal investigations:

Kay Scarpetta – forensic doctors (half amateurish at least) Åsa Larsson – lawyer
Jonathan Kellerman – psychologist

It is an advantage if the main character can have a job that you know yourself. Ingrid struggled’s such nurses terska and Liza Marklund is notoriously journalist. Dig where you stand!

Think of a protagonist and write at least two pages where you introduce him or her.

Book recommendations:
Ingrid Kampås: Mäniskans varg
Agatha Christie: Mrs. Marple