Christmas 2012 saw the premiere of Fjällbackamorden – one of the largest Swedish drama efforts ever. The series’ scripts are newly written and based on Camilla Läckberg’s characters. The films shot on location in Fjällbacka and Tanumshede was a great success. The first section, “The viewer’s eye” was seen by over 2 million and became the most watched drama series on Swedish television in 2012. Section 2 “Friends for Life” attracted nearly 2 million viewers.

The main roles are done by Claudia Galli Concha Erica Falck and Richard Ulfsäter play Patrik Hedstrom. In other roles are visible beloved actor Per Moberg and Lennart Jähkel. In section number three is Sven-Bertil Taube to play one of the roles. “The viewer’s eye” was directed by Jorgen Bergmark and Richard Holm directed “Friends for life”. Fjällbackamorden produced by the Three Friends of Michael Hjorth and Helena Danielsson as executive producers. Producer Pontus Sailor.

TV movies based the first four books
On November 2, 2007 was the premiere of the first film adaptation of Camilla Läckberg’s books. The films were based on the first four books and they were made directly for Swedish Television. Ice Princess and The Preacher directed by Johan grimace. Emiliano Goessens directed the unfortunate and stonemason. Erica Falck played by Elisabeth Carlsson and Patrik Hedstrom role was made by Niklas Hjulström